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Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker

Territoires du Nord-Ouest, Canada Numéro de demande 34
11 mai 2023
Working in any trade at Ryfan requires an entrepreneurial spirit and drive.  Not only will we teach you the skills of your trade, but you must also be interested in growing your skills to manage projects or, if you are in a leadership role, investing the time to teach others.  For example, learning how to track data for job cost reports, understanding how your project's budget is built and managed, learning how to negotiate with clients and other on-site partners, and so forth.  In addition, the more experienced you become, the more important it will become to develop computer skills. 
You must also be a person who seeks "win-win" outcomes. "Bullys" or "doormats" don't fit in well at Ryfan because we are community builders.  That means finding a way forward that strengthens relationships and is good for everyone (including Ryfan).  Our community starts with your co-workers and peers, both in the field and the office. 
We wish to be very clear that our positions are in very remote regions of Canada and often for several weeks or months at a time.  If you are not interested in travelling to such locations, we appreciate your interest but Ryfan is likely not a good fit for you. 

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